the cutest cork board ever.

don't mind my vainness...my mother actually DID teach me better than this...but I can't help myself!

so last up on the organization train is a cork board... now that my chore chart is on the fridge i don't have room for the oak tree amount of papers we get from school. and my daughter has the clothespin thing to hang up her favorites

but my son doesn't. (see the piles of papers...?)
and just for fun...the family portrait
hmmm. this must be a picture of me in the morning...

pretty accurate.

 so i took an old cork board and transformed it!

found this from land of nod and thought it would be super easy to make. (and oh mygosh waaaay cheaper!)

this is the cork board...and underneath it a piece of foam from elmers!
i traced around the cork board onto the foam core and then drew out a design...
i had my son help out painting...just you wait until they get a little older. i will come up with ideas and they will execute them. and then they will clean the house while i blog about it.
oh the perfect world.
{so. i did take down my christmas stuff. this is just old. (i was saving it cause i didn't know what i was doing for organization on sytyc so i was hoarding it in case i couldn't come up with anything else!)}

but i took a knife and cut out around the foam core board and painted a face..(i also painted the frame green on the cork board (and then i repainted the tan to yellow....
and i hot glued it right along the edge of the board. (i cut out seperate circles for the eyes and glued them on!)

does he remind you of anyone? how about a hint...(purely accidental/coincidental)
then i added some fun push pins (from THIS tutorial)

(basically sculpey wrapped around a push pin)

and my son added some of his flavor (aka his autograph and a bandaid...)

it sits off the wall a few inches..

you can make a pretty flower one...robots....stars...add arms or legs--whatever color and style you want!!!!

have you seen the other tutorials i've done with foam core board! love this stuff!

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  1. This is so fun!!! I bought a bulletin board from D.I. that would be perfect for this project. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  2. How flippin' cute is the Monster board?! Love it.


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