black baroque

I found this great Etsy shop Black Baroque

I think it's just adorable! I love the ornate black frames! and the pictures are just sooo cute!
I had this old little frame leftover from a thrift store purchase...so i cut some old book pages to size and mod podged them in...

and I might have spray painted a key (to what I don't know) and hot glued it to the center


and this is the inside wood frame to a walmart purchase...so I added some old book pages to this one as well!

oh the good ole days...when we looked like we were 15.

and cause i'm insane in the membrane..i kept going.

dollar store frame..
i cut a book page to size....

and lightly glued it to some paper...found some clipart I liked and printed it out...

I added a little color...
so fun...and the possibilites are ENDLESS!

then I added some book pages to my quilled w my sister made me

 and now I just can't quite figure out what to do with them all....

and in honor of my daughter's birthday....I did one of her....
i took her picture through picnik and edited the exposure to make it more graphic...

you just play around til you get something you are happy with...

throw it in another dollar store frame

and check out this other awesome tut using book pages!

craftberry bush

and if you are bored.....type in book pages at pinterest....it's AWESOME!


  1. Are your images printed directly onto the paper or onto a vellum/transparency overlay?

  2. Love these ideas, and what you did with them! Thanks for sharing, and happy bday to your cute little model, too!

    Betsey at b.bar

  3. Those are pretty darn cute. I'm going to have to try those. I have a TON of dictionaries.

  4. Love the one with the flower! Gonna Pinterest it! I guess that I should head to the Dollar Store more often!


  5. I love the one you did of your daughter! Very cute but I don't know if my inner bookworm will allow for me to desecrate a book even for cute decorating purposes :)

  6. Thank you so much for the little feature, it's an honor...xo

  7. Excellent idea. So going to have to try this one.

  8. Wow. You did an excellent job! Everything looks great. You totally sparked my creativity on this one...might have to steal some ideas.

  9. This is really awesome!

  10. Wow! They are all amazing! I need to make time to do stuff like this.

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog to celebrate 50 followers. Come see!


  11. Ohhh...I LOVE the one of your daughter!! But they are all fantastic! We are getting my grandmother's house ready for an estate sale and there are TONS of frames there. I am going to have to load up!

  12. Love this project! How clever! This is one I'm going to do. Starting looking at books and clip art today. Stopped at Goodwill for frames - nothing. Maybe the dollar store will have a good selection.

  13. BTW, what is the best online site for free clip art that you have found?

  14. Wowee, these are so cool. I do not need to be looking at this and thinking I can start doing a bunch of similar projects right now...step away from the computer, K-Sue...

  15. I am so glad that I followed a few links to stumble upon your blog. What a great post and great blog! I love it. I was taken by the Faith in God includes Faith in HIS TIMING frame. :) How true.

  16. how fun! I can't wait to try it! pinning this one :)

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

  17. Love, love, love this! Question - the photo of your daughter, did it already have a white background or is there something in Picnik that you did to take the background out! I tried the pencil scetch but my photo still has a black backround. I really am excited about this project!

  18. With the project with the house key, which I LOVE, did you put the glass back in the frame in front of the key? Could you go into a little more depth on how you did that one? Wasn't sure where to Mod Podge....thanks!


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